Lead Wool Blankets 1′ x 2′ x 10 lbs. sq./ft.(Call for quotation)



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All lead wool blankets are constructed by encapsulating the lead wool within an inner cover to maintain an even consistency and then a heavier outer cover for added protection and durability. Materials used for inner and outer covers are vinyl-laminated nylon. Inner covers of the lead wool blankets are sewn in a quilted pattern to prevent shifting of the lead wool when blankets are draped or hung. The materials used for the outer covers are made using heavier weight material (typically 18 oz. sq/yd.), with edge seams heat sealed. Inner covers are 10 oz. sq./yd. weight, also with heat sealed seams. Perimeter grommets are installed on the outer cover border edge to facilitate job site placement or hanging from racks. Number 5 grommets (5/8″ ID) at 12″ spacing are standard. Standard outer color for vinyl-laminated materials is yellow with a white inner cover. Quotations for special applications or designs are available upon request.(Call for quotation)

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