Standard Spill Kit


Liquid spills may present a health hazard, environmental hazard, or might cause a slip and fall injury. To deal with these spills safely and effectively, you need an emergency spill kit, or a “Spill Containment Kit.”

This includes, among other places: restaurants, commercial kitchens, auto repair shops, manufacturing floors, warehouses, schools, and healthcare facilities.

Spill Containment Kits are essential to prevent falls and limit exposure to hazardous wastes and body fluids at all kinds of workplaces.

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Standard Spill Kit

  • • 1 ea. 15 gallon polyethylene drum blue
  • • 8 ea. Two-liter absorbent pillows •
  • 6 ea. 3″ x 8′ socks • 2 ea. Incinerable coverall
  • Tyvek®, Size: XL • 2 prs.
  • Splash resistant goggles • 2 prs.
  • Silver Shield® gloves • 20 ea.
  • Disposal bags
  • DOT shipping labels, assorted • 20 ea.
  • Sorbent towels • 2 pr
  • Nitrile gloves
  • Please call or email for special request items or requirements

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