Howard Leight Max-30 Max Disposable Foam Corded Earplugs, 100 Pairs


Max single-use, polyurethane foam earplug is the world’s most popular polyurethane foam earplug. It offers superior noise-blocking performance, and it’s contoured bell shape is easier to insert and resists backing out of the ear canal, while its softer foam delivers superior long-wearing comfort. Its smooth, soil-resistant skin prevents dirt build-up and helps deliver a NRR of 33dB.

Workers who need protecting hearing equipment demand the best protection and comfort available in an earplug the Max 30. 100 pairs per dispenser.

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• Polyurethane foam earplugs

• NRR 33dB

• Contoured bell shape provides great comfort

• Easy to insert and doesn’t back out of ear canal

• Corded, also available uncorded

• 100 pairs per dispenser

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