The Ranger – Radiation Alert hand-held radiation detector


The Ranger offers maximum performance in a lightweight, rugged nuclear radiation detector for surveying at both the facility or in the field. Designed for heavy-duty industrial environments with features that are also desirable in your lab. The Ranger is a small, hand held digital survey meter that offers excellent sensitivity to low level alpha, beta, gamma and x-rays.

Applications, and uses, include the following:

  • Surveying NORM Contamination;
  • Gross wipe counting;
  • Contamination Surveys of packages and parcels, equipment and people;
  • Regulatory Inspections;
  • Scrap Metal Screening; and
  • Low-energy radionuclide detection.


  • Includes: rubber boot, stand, lanyard, USB cable, 2AA batteries and Free Observer software)
  • Options: Wipe Test Smear Plate, Test Wipe Smears, Water Resistance Case, NIST Calibration, all sold separately
  • Limited Warranty: One (1) year limited warranty
  • Radiation Alert Ranger – specification sheet


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