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Tack Roller Cartridge is very easy to use. Simply roll the area to be cleaned as if you were painting! When the cartridge becomes too soiled to pick up any more contaminants, easily peel off the soiled layer and tear at the perforations to expose a new sheet of adhesive film. Handel not included. Foam cartridge material is a poly film / foam laminate that will conform to irregularly shaped surfaces. Film cartridge material is LDPE (low density polyethylene) film on a non-contaminating core. 1. TA9, 9″ Foam Tack Roller Cartridge, 20 sheets; 2, TA18, 18″ Foam Tack Roller Cartridge, 20 sheets; 3. TI9, 9″ Film Tack Roller Cartridge, 180 sheets; or 4. TI18, 18″ Film Tack Roller Cartridge, 60 sheets.

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