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The Mohawk Safety filter vent assembly is used to filter displaced air exiting a collection vessel as it fills with contaminated liquid. It may be used during the transfer of liquids for temporary storage or permanent disposal. The filter vent assembly features two (2) HEPA filters. This allows for up to 5 CFM of air flow exiting as the collection vessel fills. A ½” id. diameter plastic tube is attached to the barbed fitting on top for filling. A discharge tube at the bottom directs the contaminated liquid to the bottom of the vessel. The filter vent assembly may be used with either 2” buttress plugs or 2” screw caps with ¾” punch-out adapters. A 2” screw cap and gasket is included with the ¾”” adapter punched out for immediate use. Additional, or replacement, HEPA filters and caps or plugs are available separately. Additional products associated with the dual filter vent assembly include 5 and 15 gallon poly bottles, flat and conical catch containments, drain assemblies, and PVC or Tygon© tubing.

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